Bloc Bodum - WHITE K Sabatier - Thiers

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54.00 €
WHITE color


First of all, knives are one of the most important tools in a kitchen. For some people they even become an obsession. Understandably so, because after having worked with a state-of-the-art knife there is no going back.

Secondly, knives need to be handy - right there on the kitchen counter for easy access and yet safely stored at the same time.

The Bistro Knife Block does both beautifully: it keeps your everyday paring, utility, chef’s and bread knives handy and safe. The inside of the Knife Block is made of a myriad of very fine plastic sticks allowing any knife to sit anywhere in the block – tight and secure.

The block’s casing is made of plastic. Its silicone feet anchor it firmly.

Depth : 6,6 cm

Width : 21,4 cm

Height : 20,3 cm

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