Discovering the Sabatier K knives collection

The brand Sabatier K is characterized by a family history of almost 200 years. It is well known for its high quality knives and its different approach which combines artisanal methods and innovation. Sabatier K offers a wonderful selection of collector knives.

A remarkable production

By buying a Sabatier K Knife, you have the assurance of owning or offering a high quality knife which is 100% hand forged using the best steel of the moment. All steps of the original craftsmanship are respected:

  • the carbon or stainless steel quenching which can heat metal to very high degree;
  • the grinding for a thin and sharp blade ;
  • the polishing;
  • the handle adjusted on the tang ;
  • the polishing of the blade

On each collection knife, every part has been perfectly thought to get the highest possible quality. Knives are then marked on the blade and beautifully packaged.

Prestige knives for cooking lovers

If you are a professional or an amateur of fine cuisine, you will enjoy a wide choice of collector knives that starts with paring knives, slicing knives, fish knivesmeat knivesbread knives or cheese knives. As you will see on the store, there is a knife for each use.

The Sabatier K knife is wearing the brand name. It is a knife that has been forged and stamped “France – Thiers”. Collector knives lovers will adopt it.

Tools for for gardening, the champagne and wine

The cooking knives collection is completed other tools like secateurs, swords (for champagne), the nutcracker, “Château Laguiole” and pocket knives. You will also have a choice for your handle. It can be made of ivory, buffalo horn, ebony or deer antlers. The prestige of the brand Sabatier K can be found in every detail.


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