Customizing a knife, it's possible !

Customize a knife; this is the ultimate honour for a kitchen tool or a pocket knife. Great brand that proudly carries the tradition and prestige of the French cutlery, Sabatier-K allows you to offer a custom knife. 

Customization is possible for kitchen knives such as pocket knives. To customize a kitchen knife, you can customize the blade and the handle, separately or simultaneously. To customize a pocket knife, it depends on the model and the blade. Generally, Sabatier-K recommends not customize specific blades like black blades or damask blades. 

Nothing easier to offer a personalized knife: When you click to purchase an item, a window opens and asks you to personalize your knife. Check the options (blade / handle), enter the text and the font and make sure that personalization is in the basket. Offer a knife to the person of your choice with a personalized inscription for a unique and highly appreciated gift.


 customization sabatier knife