How to sharpen a knife ? Choice of equipment

Although our knives are high quality and made in the purest tradition of Thiers cutlery, they must of course be maintained. And if your knife does not cut, it is because the cutting edge has probably blunted, so you will need to sharpen it. The first thing to do to sharpen a knife is to choose the appropriate equipment. Indeed, there are different types of tools. The most common is the sharpening stone, but once again, dimensions, quality and characteristics can vary.

Just keep in mind that the bigger your stone will be, the more expensive it will be, but the easier it will make your work. Then, in the case of a common kitchen knife or a very damaged edge, a coarse-grained stone will be preferable. That said, for a high-end knife, it will be better to opt for a fine stone, even if it means spending more time.

To sharpen a knife, there are also sharpening steels, which will be perfect for a kitchen knife or a butcher knife. At, we offer steels that are adapted to the quality of our kitchen knives: very fine steels or diamond sharpeners.


If you are wondering how to sharpen a knife, and after choosing the most suitable equipment, the best way is to concentrate on a simple technique, especially if you are not very experienced. Place your stone (by fixing it or holding it by hand), moisten it with water or supplied oil and sharpen your knife on each side of the blade, always moving towards the edge. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the result.

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