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Table Knives
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Discover our selection of high quality table knives that will accompany your meals. Our table knives are exceptional pieces, made in the purest tradition of cutlery.

The different types of table knives

A table knife is very traditional in French gastronomy. After the whole table service, the manufacturers offered table knives different from other pieces of the service such as forks and spoons.

Laguiole table knives became a symbol. The handles are made of wood, in different colors. They are recognizable at first glance. The Thiers ® becomes a very modern style. The shape of the handle and the blade are very suitable for all tables and for all occasions.

Some manufacturers such as Perceval have made it their workhorse. You will find 9.47 on very good tables and in the best French and world restaurants.

To choose the right table knives, it is important to think about the table style you want. But, dare. Dare to show a difference. In your selection, vary the colors, the species of wood. Your guests will thus notice your beautiful table knives and will certainly talk about them among themselves.

It is important that a table knife cuts well. Meat and vegetables will be all the more appreciated by your guests. The table knife must therefore be of high quality and regularly maintained in order to always have a cutting edge.


Le Thiers ® table knives

Thiers is the world capital of French cutlery and several members of the Confrérie du Couteaux Le Thiers ® offer original, traditional and sometimes surprising table knives. Do not hesitate to mix styles on a table. The table knife is a very special item.


Le Thiers ® knife