Offering a Knife, a great gift idea

If one of your loved ones practices hunting, fishing, diving, or just collecting and loving beautiful objects, offering a knife for Christmas or even a birthday is a very good way to be sure to please him or her.

Especially by using a high-end cutlery like ours, working in the purest cutlery tradition of Thiers, you are certain to offer a knife of high quality.

With this in mind, we have developed a wide range of knives specially designed to be offered on occasions such as Christmas or Father’s Day. However, when offering a knife, do not forget the famous superstition that surrounds this kind of gift…

When offering a knife to a loved one, and in order to have a gift that is both unique and personalized, why not opt for an engraved knife? You will be able to choose one of our models previously engraved according to certain themes dear to the person to whom you wish to offer a knife.

However, you can also have one of our knives engraved with initials, coats of arms or any other special symbol thanks to our personalization and engraving of Sabatier K knife. Offering an engraved knife will give you the assurance of having one of the most beautiful gifts for the person you love.


k sabatier


Authentique - 8" Chef knife


brin auvergne


brin d'Auvergne knife


le thiers knife


Le Thiers - pocket knife