How to recognize a real Le Thiers® knife

Initially, a report was made by some cutelry manufacturers from Thiers: different manufacturers from Thiers make pocket knives or table knives that symbolize a region, a country, a city, such as Laguiole, Issoire, the Aurillac .... but none knife for their town of THIERS.

In addition, the resurgence of low-end imports of knives known and recognized pushes them to act.

A group of friends cutlers, designers, passionate about the region of Thiers, in Puy-de-Dôme draws a knife that will serve as a reference. This new design has been registered with the INPI.

The brotherhood of Le Thiers® knife was also created to protect Le Thiers knife and organize the manufacture of these knives exclusively in the territory of Thiers.

Only cutlery makers from the THIERS region can join this association to present a model that is in keeping with the model of the Le Thiers® knife registered.


Pocket knife Le Thiers® by Chambriard

Thus, each manufacturer can provide a personalized touch and thus differentiate themselves from other Thiers while respecting certain rules: knife line, quality of materials used and manufacturing, manufacturing exclusively Thiers.

A collective of companions verifies the conformity of the manufactured products and ensures the traceability of the different stages of production.

How to recognize a knife The THIERS®:

- the shape of the knife that is falling at the end of the handle

- the French and Community figurative mark:

a logotyped T is engraved on the knife

 - the marking of the blade:

    - the inscription Le Thiers® guarantees you a knife authorized by the Brotherhood of Le Thiers® Knife

    - under this inscription, the mention "by the name of the manufacturer" tells you which is the manufacturer of the knife.

Le Thiers® brand for pocket knives

Some manufacturers of Le Thiers® knife:

Fontenille Pataud




Tom Fleury

Goyon Chazeau



Honore Chazeau






Gilles Regnaud





Le Thiers pocket knife