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    Pocket Knives

    SABATIER AINE & PERRIER - www.sabatier-k.com - is established in the French Capital of the Cutlery. Our Kitchen Knives are known in the whole world by the profesionals and the amateurs of Kitchen Knives.

    We selected for you various French Manufacturers of pocket knives. The range goes to increase with the time in order to propose the best produced Made in France to you.



    A French manufacturer of high-quality knives since 1810.

    - For us, FORGED is the guarantee of having a 100% forged knife (blade/bolster/tang)

    - For us, Made in France means 100% made in France (from A to Z) - handmade finishing

    - For us, there is no Asian importation of knives. Everything is French made

    - For us, K SABATIER, it's a family story for 8 generations and more than 200 years of knife passion.

    It's up to you to make a difference .....