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    How remove membranes & tendon in a meat ?

    Beef, pork and veal steaks need to be trimmed and have membranes removed before cooking.

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    How fillet a fish?

    To fillet a fish you need a very sharp and fairly flexible filleting knife!

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    How hollow out food with a knife?

    Hollowing out means getting rid of the inside of some foods.

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    How cut into escalopes a piece of meat ?

    To cut a piece of meat, a fish or a vegetable into escalopes means slicing it more or less thinly at an angle.

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    How to cut finely fresh herbs with a knife?

    Instead of chopping your fresh herbs, why not cut them finely!

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    How to peel vegetables with a knife?

    Washing and peeling vegetables is strongly recommended before you cook or eat them.

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